Haunting and deeply human,  Boone tells the story of three young goat farmers as they transition with the seasons and come to terms with the physical and emotional grit required to live in deep relationship with the land. Stripped of interviews with farmers or agricultural experts, this experiential film is a visceral meditation on the sacrifice and struggle of a lifestyle born of self reliance; a sensual homage to the heart and soul of a farmer.  EDITOR         Awarded Special Jury Prize for Creative Vision at Portland Film Festival,  Calpurnia Award for Best Film – Debut Feature Competition at Ourense Film Festival, Special Jury Prize at Wild and Scenic Film Festival


the Pearl explores the raw emotional and physical experience of being a middle aged to senior transgender woman against the backdrop of post-industrial logging towns in the Pacific Northwest. The film leans into the struggle of those who were reared and successful as men and have reached middle age or later with a burdensome secret that they can no longer keep. ASSISTANT EDITOR   Awarded Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Feature at Dallas International Film FestivalNominated for Cinema Eye Honor Spotlight Award


Since the 1970's, Betty Gold has been creating abstract sculptures and paintings and at 81 years old, has no plans to slow down.  From her early days as Miss. Texas to installing large scale sculptures around the world,  A Year with Betty Gold follows this California artist as she reflects on her life's work while pulling back the curtain on the struggles of a contemporary artist.   EDITOR Coming 2017


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THRUSH invites the disconnect to our auditory experiences outside of urban landscapes and the lack of sensual, unmediated connection to wild places.  EDITOR


AUGUSTINES, Votiv Records, Nothing to Lose but your Head,  EDITOR